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今日の気持ちは? ごきげんボード、設置しています -How are you feeling today? We are installing a Emotional expression board-





Hello. I'm Yudai.

Since we are entrusted with precious children by parents, we pay close attention to the daily situation of the children and their physical and mental condition.

One of the initiatives we are taking to understand the state of children's minds is the Emotional expression board.

"Happy, joyful", "normal", "sad", "angry". Ask the children to express their state of mind for the day by attaching a magnet with their name engraved on the area where the faces representing each emotion are drawn.










In addition to asking children to objectively look at their own state of mind, we also conduct interviews to see what happened to the child who attached magnets to "sad" or "angry."

"I got into a fight with my friends," "I was caught playing a prank and my teacher got angry with me," and "I'm depressed because the weather is bad and I can't play outside."

The children's worries vary, but the advantage of this initiative is that we can use the Gokigen board to grasp the situation and, depending on the content, share it with parents at the time of pick-up, so that we can respond before the problem becomes larger.

There are also advantages to expressing one's feelings objectively and visually, such as being able to look back on what happened and think calmly, and giving a sense of security that the staff will listen to you if something happens.

The children also seem to be happy to put up magnets with their names on them, and they are having fun working on them.

Some children even call out to each other if they have a magnet attached to "sad" or "angry".

This board was actually used in a Finnish elementary school.

The representative director of Satoyama Korabo, who had been staying in Finland for one year, came back with a mechanism and said, "Let's try it at the Naguriko Club."

By adopting the good initiatives that are being carried out elsewhere in line with the Naguriko Club, we would like to continue to make it a safe and secure after-school children's club for children, parents, and local residents.



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